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T8 DC LED Tube Lights

DCLightingWarehouse.com is your source for quality, durable T8 DC LED lights. We carry a range of lights in 12V and 48V configurations, suitable for consumer-grade and commercial applications.

T8 DC LED 12V Lights

Ideal for consumer use, including off-grid buildings, interior vehicle lighting and basic emergency backup lighting.

T8 DC LED 48V Lights

The most powerful DC T8 bulbs on the market. Built for heavy-duty commercial needs, including industrial control rooms.

Why DC Lights?

While AC (alternating current) is the preferred choice for most lighting systems, DC holds the upper hand over AC in certain situations. Learn more about the advantages of DC LED lights for certain consumer and industrial applications.

Telecommunications Control Rooms

Off-Grid LED Lighting

Railway Control Room Lighting

RV Interior Lighting