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The advantages of low voltage lighting using LED tube lamps and other LED lamps are significant. When properly powered, low voltage lighting produces 250% more light compared to line voltage 115 VAC powered lights. Our 12 volt LED tube lamps provide the same lumens as 115 or 277 VAC powered tube lights. The energy savings are real and significant, especially if you are operating off grid.

Providing grid down backup lighting is also easier and more cost effective than inverters or generators.

Our LED tube lamps will operate on 12 to 24 volts with the same light intensity as higher voltages. 48 VDC is available as a special order.

“Ron, I received the 12 volt 18 watt LED tube lamp today. I worked on the light fixture, wiring it direct like you told me, taking care with the polarity. I put the LED tube in the fixture then connected it to my 12 volt solar setup. It lit up the room better than I had hoped. It took only one and one half amps to power it. I then installed it in the basement beside a four foot F32T8 32 watt fluorescent. The difference was night and day. The LED is a better directed light for fine hand work and no wasted light on the ceiling. It is a brighter light by far. I am so pleased I want to order two more. I also want to order two for a good friend. Thank you, Ray Retired in New York”

Low voltage LED lighting can be used in conjunction with our Low Voltage Distribution System which uses Class 2 wiring for low voltage loads. Our 48 Volt DC Power Distribution System NPS-1000 Supply Module can be incorporated to use your renewable energy first or during times of peak or time of use rates.

12 and 24 VDC LED lighting meets the requirements of RF sensitive work areas such as MRI, other medical electronics and other radio frequency sensitive environments.

These lamps have polycarbonate lens diffusers and reinforced aluminum housings which act both as a heat sink and structural support to provide strength and rigidity. Since the lamps contain no glass, they are ideal for food service and other sanitary environments.

Our light source is super-bright 3528 SMD LEDs, emitting higher brightness at a lower cost. Color temperature can be provided to meet your specification. Our lamps are UV free and RF compliant.