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48 Volt DC LED Tube Lamps

Telephony equipment operates on negative forty-eight volt DC power systems. Emergency backup power for telephone systems and many or the major internet service providers and cable service companies are negative or minus 48 volts DC from large battery banks.

In negative 48 volt DC systems the positive side of the battery circuit is the “ground” or earth and the current flow is from the negative side of the backup battery banks to 48 volt devices including emergency lighting.Telephony and similar equipment uses 48 volts of direct current because DC does not introduce AC noise into the system. The battery current travels better with lower resistance over wiring circuits and 48 volts is just below the electrocution risk threshold. Feeding circuits from the negative side of the battery minimizes the effect of corrosion. Using positive voltage as ground, corrosion is reduced and the cost of cathodic protection is significantly reduced and effectiveness significantly increased.  Learn more about cathodic protection.

48 volt LED lamps are also an excellent energy saving lighting method of lighting for solar energy systems that use 48 volt battery banks.  You can direct wire from the DC side of your system without using DC to DC converters to make 12 or 24 volts.  Wire size is smaller with significant cost savings.  You also save inverter losses from operating 115 AC LEDs.

Our LED drivers for 48 volts work from both negative and positive feeds.

24 and 48 inch LED tube lamps are typical, but we can manufacture LED lights in any length up to 8 feet with whatever lamp ends, lenses, watts of power, color spectrum and beam angle that meets your requirements. 

We can also provide any type of Edison base screw in light bulb or any other type of base that is available.

Our LED lamps have polycarbonate lens diffusers and reinforced aluminum housings which act both as a heat sink and structural support to provide strength and rigidity. Since the lamps contain no glass, they are ideal for food service and other sanitary environments.

Our light source is super-bright LEDs emitting higher brightness at a lower cost.  Color temperature can be provided to meet your specification.  Our lamps are UV free and RF compliant.