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12V & 24V DC T8 LED Lights

Looking for a source for quality DC LED tube lights? DCLightingWarehouse.com is your one-stop shop for 12V and 48V DC LED T8 lights. Our bulbs are durable, long-lasting and available at great prices.

Looking for suitable lights for your RV interior or off-grid cabin? Our 12-volt DC LEDs are an excellent option for consumer-grade applications. But if you’re in the market for an industrial lighting solution for something like a telecom control room or a railway control room, you’ll probably find our 48-volt LEDs to be a better fit.

  • High-voltage, high-wattage DC LED T8 bulbs are built for applications requiring substantial light
  • Built with commercial lighting needs in mind, including:
    • Railway control centers
    • Centralized traffic control centers
    • Communications tower control rooms
  • Bulbs contain absolutely no glass for added safety
  • Bulbs have built-in polycarbonate lens diffusers for improved heat diffusion and reinforced aluminum housings for increased strength & rigidity