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DC T8 LED 18W 48V Tube Lights

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One of the original sources of DC T8 LED bulbs, DCLightingWarehouse.com is your provider for 18W 48V T8 DC LED lights.

  • High-voltage, high-wattage DC LED T8 bulbs are built for applications requiring substantial light
  • Built with commercial lighting needs in mind, including:
    • Railway control centers
    • Centralized traffic control centers
    • Communications tower control rooms
  • Bulbs contain absolutely no glass for added safety
  • Bulbs have built-in polycarbonate lens diffusers for improved heat diffusion and reinforced aluminum housings for increased strength & rigidity

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These 18-watt, 48-volt units are among the more powerful DC T8 LEDs we offer. Built around general industrial requirements, these bulbs are suitable for applications requiring the highest lighting, such as centralized traffic control centers, railway control centers and communications tower control rooms. As DC bulbs, they’ll run off of solar energy, emergency backup power systems, and even direct battery connection.

We’ve designed polycarbonate lens diffusers into these bulbs, resulting in improved heat diffusion. Reinforced aluminum housings offer increased structural support for better strength and rigidity. And since LEDs contain zero glass, they are ideal for environments needing added safety.

DCLightingWarehouse.com carries a range of bulbs in 12V, 24V and 48V configurations. Order by the case for free shipping!


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