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Replacement RV Interior Lighting

Periodically, RV owners need to replace their existing interior lighting as bulbs burn out. But replacing old fluorescent bulbs gets old fast, and it’s a constant expense. It’s time for an upgrade! Go with T8 LED DC bulbs from DCLightingWarehouse.com.

RV LED Tube Lights

Unlike most T8 LEDs on the market, LED tube lights are DC compatible, meaning they will run off battery power. This means they are suitable for a range of different applications, including off-grid cabins, emergency lighting for telecom control rooms and railway control rooms, in addition to RVs.

Buy with confidence! Our T8 DC LEDs contain polycarbonate lens diffusers and reinforced aluminum housings. The result: improved heat diffusion and increased structural support.

And unlike fluorescent lights, our LEDs exceptionally durable, long-lasting and energy efficient. You can expect to enjoy some real long-term savings with our DC LED lights.

LED T8 12V DC Lights

DCLightingWarehouse.com is a leading manufacturer of DC LED tube lights. These bulbs, which fit into any T8 bulb fixture, provide powerful LED lighting running off of DC power sources.

We’ve developed an array of DC T8 LEDs in a range of wattages, from 12W all the way to 20W, available in both 12V and 48V. And to accommodate volume purchasers, we ship for free when you order by the case.

DCLightingWarehouse.com is your source for quality T8 DC LED tube lights. Contact us today to learn more.